What is Landscape Design?

A well-balanced LANDSCAPE design is an attractive combination of

Hard Scaping

the fixed elements (concrete, brick, stone, pergolas, decking)

Soft Scaping

the growing elements (plants, shrubs, trees, ground cover)

Why do I need a Landscape Designer?

If you have a space that you want to make into something special but just don’t know what you want, or you know what construction to do with your own ideas however are unsure how these ideas will fit in… then you probably need a landscape designer.

An experienced designer can help you capture your ideas knowing the current trends and create functional & aesthetic landscape plans. They can help you avoid common mistakes, to create a durable and cost effective space roping in functionality with your essence to transform your ideas into reality.


Rowville Design

Mill Park Design


Our process of landscape design includes:

  • Initial consultation (on site) free of charge
  • Landscape concept plan (sketched on-site with client)
  • Final concept plan (forwarded to client within one week)

We work with each of our clients to prepare design and fees would be in line with the scope of landscaping you need

Areas we service

Melbourne and outer suburbs.

Scapez Service Area
Scapez Service Area