SCAPEZ is about concept design for your treasured landscape…

We believe that you don’t build your house without a plan, so why build your outdoor area without a landscape plan?

Most of us spend a lot of time and money to design and decorate our homes. We often ignore the importance of first impressions that are formed when people view our home through the front yard. The tone of the property, and the increased value of your home are set by this first look, the first impression of your site, the design and aesthetics of your outdoors space.

At Scapez, Behram our landscape designer will work closely with you through the entire landscape design process, by gaining an understanding of your family, kids’, and pets’ needs, carefully considering your budget to come up with a landscape design plan that reflects your home, your lifestyle and more importantly your personality.

At SCAPEZ, we believe that our landscape concept plans will give you specifics for the design as well as freedom to help you explore the open market and select contracting services that best suit your design and budgetary needs to make it your dream home.